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Tender Care International School was founded in 1984 on Christian values that continue to shape our ethos today – especially our passion to see each child thrive in all areas of their learning and development. Our principal aim is to provide a safe, positive and inclusive learning community where pupils develop high academic achievement, as well as sound moral, social, emotional and spiritual values in a disciplined environment. We aim to achieve this through placing an emphasis on the virtues of perseverance, hard work, respect, commitment, team work, a can- do attitude, and a sense of personal responsibility.

From the ages of 1 to 11 years old, all pupils are encouraged to develop a passion for intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills through our provision of a broad, coherent and balanced curriculum. In particular, we aim to provide creative learning and teaching opportunities that motivate our children to engage with their learning, develop independent learning skills and a life-long passion for learning. As a result, our children enjoy their learning, and are inspired for academic and personal success now and in the future.

The structure and organisation of our school is shaped by a whole-school approach where dedicated leadership and team-work focuses the attention of pupils and staff on the same vision –striving for excellence in all that we do. We seek to instil, in pupils, a sense of pride in self, school, community and country. All pupils are encouraged to maintain exceptional standards in appearance, behaviour, speech and academic work. We also foster the development of compassion for others – for example, older pupils caring for the younger ones – as well as helping to meet the needs of those who are less privileged in the society.

Our school offers excellent facilities and a wide range of quality extra-curricular activities which enables pupils to develop a healthy sense of co-operation and competition whilst enjoying their social, sporting and cultural interests.


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Our school is a happy place where children thrive and excel in a manner that celebrates their uniqueness. Let’s give you a few reasons out of a million reasons why you should choose Tender Care

Our Comprehensive and Cool Curriculum is just right. We offer a blend of the Nigerian and the National Curriculum for England and believe that the basis of exceptional teaching is founded on knowing each pupil and meeting their learning needs through a pastoral care model.

Our Trained, Tested and Trusted Teachers. Our teachers give the best services. They build a calm and beautiful relationship with children while helping them learn and grow in a friendly and safe environment. Staffs are recruited based on their passion for education and their commitment to supporting children in attaining their outmost potential

Our exceptional environment. We provide a beautiful and safe environment for the children when they can learn, play and feel safe at time in one space. Tender care offers excellent facilities and wide range of quality curricular activities which enable our pupil to develop a healthy sense of cooperation and competition whilst enjoying social and cultural interests.

Our Culture and Core values We have high expectations of behaviour, attitude and personal duty. We train our pupils to uphold the culture of love, peace and togetherness as we build a caring atmosphere where pupils are encouraged to be considerate and thoughtful towards others.

Academic excellence: We lay emphasis on maintaining a high level of academic excellence. This can be seen in the richness of our curriculum and the efforts made to ensure that teaching and learning occur at the highest level. children excel greatly and and are able to settle nicely into new territories when they leave for high school.



Our vision is to bring out the best in every pupil in all areas of the curriculum.

As a school dedicated to exceptional education, our aims are:

  • To provide a stimulating curriculum this is comprehensive, thought-provoking and founded upon the principles of care, guidance and support.
  • To provide exceptionally well-developed strategies that consistently meets the learning needs of our pupils.
  • To provide an organised learning environment which encourages pupils to make academic progress and promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural and social and emotional development of all our pupils.
  • To provide a creative framework of teaching and learning that help pupils to develop independence and a love of learning.
  • We aim to theme the above with a structured environment that encourages qualities of leadership, responsibility, determination and an enquiring mind.
  • To have high expectations of behaviour, attitude and personal duty.
  • To build a caring atmosphere where pupils are encouraged to be considerate and thoughtful towards others.
  • To enable each pupil to develop the skills they need to successfully participate in the wider society.


Our mission is to provide an environment where each child can realise his or her potential and this is best achieved within the context of a caring and supportive community. The school provides a friendly, caring, safe and happy environment in which pupils thrive and enjoy learning. In this way, children’s academic pursuits are equally balanced with our focus on meeting their holistic needs.

The school is structured under three categories that are interrelated:

  • the academic curriculum;
  • music and the arts;
  • and community.
This structure and organisation facilitates the development of leadership qualities, sense of belonging; respect for others; self-discipline and a commitment to excellence.

We truly care about all our pupils and take time to build with them, interacting in a manner appropriate to their needs. Our teachers are trainedto nurture positive relationships with the children and therefore motivate them to realise their utmost potential. .

Core Values

At Tender Care International School, our aim is to create a school where A S P I R E underpins all that we do.

  • Achieving through quality teaching and learning within the context of a stimulating, challenging and inclusive curriculum.

  • Serving each other and being generous at every available opportunity.

  • Perseverance, resilience and self-motivation are encouraged within a safe and supportive learning environment.

  • Innovate – our children are encouraged to respond creatively to their learning by generating new ideas of their own.

  • Respect, tolerance, integrity and excellent behaviour are values we promote.

  • Excellence underpins our desire to strive for success in everything we do.