Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a rich and rewarding education for children age 18months through Year 6
We offer a range of activities that promote physical, social and emotional development. A few of those activities are Music, Taekwondo, Tennis, Swimming, Ballet, Dance and Drama, Literary and Debating, Public Speaking and many more.
Yes we are a Montessori School and what that means is that we have used the methods of Maria Montessori to create an Early years foundation program that helps our children learn independently and through their growing experiences. Learning is unique to every child and even when they are learning the same things they are doing so in a way that reflects their individuality.
A Tender Pupil is an excellent and determined child who continues to aspire for greatness while exhibiting the most appropriate behaviour. At Tender Care pupils are growing to be independent children who accept and respect individualities as an opportunity to build a community of different individuals with a strong, uniform purpose